Copier Lease, is it apt for your business?

With the costs of photocopiers ranging from $5000 to $10000 for a mid-sized business, plus the tax concessions bestowed, a convincing argument can be discussed for the case of leasing a copier over buying. Why wrap up so much capital, when, for a comparatively small monthly payment, you can obtain all the benefits and no issues of owning a copier.

Certain buying tips for leasing a photocopier

It’s good to try before buying, a host of copier leasing organizations trying to lease an exclusive photocopier will offer you a demo, specifically useful if you’re looking at more than one machine.

During the testing phase you can look at whether the copier print quality in terms of documents and photos suit your requirement. And you can also understand whether the workflow and usability suit your business needs. If your print volumes are high then leasing becomes a cost-effective option for your business.


One of the benefits of photocopier leasing is the service agreement; this can be negotiated to include maintenance servicing intervals as well as breakdown likelihood planning, intensely useful if your business count on a reliable service, likewise you can also negotiate for the supply of consumables.

Copier leasing and progression