In the present scenario, effective printing and documentation workflow is a necessity for any business. Businesses spend considerable amount of money for printer/copier hardware and for ongoing consumables which keep increasing year over year. Hence, printer or copier leasing services are a blessing for businesses enabling them to balance cash outflow with revenue production using leased equipment.

Leasing a printer or copier enables a business to use the equipment for a particular period of time with rent being paid at a fixed interval. During the termination of lease, the business can purchase the equipment at a low price tag. Businesses therefore have an option to structure the lease agreement by including installation, upgradation as well as maintenance services if needed. Small value/term leases can be effortlessly managed for start-up businesses. Cheers to the absenteeism of down payments, it’s more affordable to have a leased printer rather than buying it.

The most typically used printers include plotters, laser printers/copiers, inkjet printers and thermal printers. By obtaining a leased printer, the business can keep pace with the modern advancements in technology since the equipment can be updated as per the changing needs. The rent for leased equipment is fixed and does not change as per the current rate of interest. Printer leasing arrives with 100 percent finance and the business can switch to a high-end equipment when need arises.

Various brands of printers/copiers like OKI, Kyocera, HP etc are available for both short term and long term lease through Intronics (Aust). As compared to long term printer/copier lease, short term leases are more cost-effective and give flexibility to businesses. The leasing rate for printers/copiers mostly depend on the make and model of the printer/copier as well as the duration of the lease. With numerous benefits of leasing over buying, printer/copier leasing is likely to keep getting popular in years to come..