With copier lease, you have the opportunity to balance out cashflow for your organization. With copier leasing, there is no upfront cost but you still get the equipment for your business use and you have the flexibility of upgrading the equipment at a later stage if the copier model does not suit your workflow based on your needs at that stage.

Loan- not needed

When you have a copier lease, you have no reason to get a business loan. Rather than paying a large amount, upfront cost that needs to be financed, you can opt to pay a monthly fee and still have the equipment that can help your business prosper. This not only reduces your paper work but also less debt that is displayed on a financial statement.

Not enduring

As you are not making a purchase, a copier lease delivers you more flexibility and opportunity to make certain changes. If you notice that your business is at peak and is likely to change in future, you might have no idea as in what type of office machinery you will need in future. You can initiate with something that works for the moment, and when the time is up, reassess your needs and make a change. If everything seems normal, just refurbish the contract and plan to check things at the next renewal.

Finding a copier lease

When you are ready or in need of a copier for lease, contact Intronics (Aust) who can help you with a suitable product that will match your workflow and also come up with a customized contract. You can also look at doing just a pay as you use or a cost per page contract. If you’re not sure as in how much you’re going to use the machine, you may desire to take this option till you have a clear idea of your print volumes and about your particular needs in this area.

Intronics (Aust) will be keen to work with you and assist you for your copier leasing. Discuss with a representative today about the difference between a copier lease and the buying of a machine. After countering a few questions, you will get to know what’s best for you as well as for your company.