Every business needs at least one office copier service. You absolutely need something that’s high in quality, multifunctional as well as cost-effective. While, before you sign a copier service contract on what seems like a great deal, ensure you’re getting exactly what’s best for your developing business.


It may sound like a no-brainer, however, you need to make sure that your next copy machine is capable of handling the volume of documents your company is likely to produce and circulate. Certain firms might commit the mistake of buying personal units for their businesses. Personal printers may provide with money first, but they are not tailored to manage large volumes that many businesses put out. Rather than handing out those large projects to a service centre, ensure you possess a business unit that can look after everything your personnel want to do.

Paper Handling

If in case you want your workforce to spend the day filling the office copier, you actually need a device that can hold at least 250 pages at once and with multiple trays for different types of paper. This in turn saves time and hassle, specifically if you print in bulk volumes like technical manuals or other documentation.  Supreme capacity printers can hold between 250 and 500 sheets per tray, which may last for about hours or weeks, based on the volume or paperwork generated by your business.

Additionally, you should possess a machine that can handle two-sided printing. This will in turn not only save employees from loading paper again and again, but will also save paper. Eco-friendly you know! It might cost more initially but in the long run, you are likely to save money on paper as you won’t be using much.


At present, most digital printers are said to be multifunctional. Unfortunately, not all can handle multiple types and dimensions of paper. For those who need transparencies, can find a system that can look after both different sizes and different materials.

Colour VS. Greyscale

Most companies end up landing a debate over choosing colour or plain black and white system. While it seems nice to have documents produced in full colour. For whom are these documents meant, and do they have to be fully colorized? Are there any graphs or pictures that require colours? If you think that colour is not mandatory, you can prefer simple black and white office copier service.

The bottom line with any copier service contract you have to go through the fine print and recognize exactly what you are charged for. There are numerous copiers service organizations out there, so ensure you’re getting an ideal deal and don’t be anxious to shop around.