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About Us

As one of Greater Melbourne’s leading printer sales, leasing, repair, and maintenance specialists offering top-tier printer repairing service, our dedicated team of sales agents and technicians can assist your business. We ensure you have the best printer and photocopier for your business and budget, and they stay functioning well into the future.

For business owners, having reliable printing and photocopier facilities is essential to business productivity. It is certainly one area of your business where you don’t want to be let down. Making an informed decision about your printing and photocopier needs is therefore critical, and there are a variety of things that you need to consider, such as budget, functionality, flexibility, and adaptability. That’s where the dedicated, experienced, and highly trained team at Intronics (Aust) come in!

OKI Multifunction Printer MC873
ECOSYS M2540dn Mono MFP
Brother MFC L2700DW
Brother MFC L5755dw repair
With over 35 years of industry experience, our team can guide and advise you on your product options, ensuring that you make an informed decision and select the best products that will suit the ongoing needs of your business. Having serviced the greater Melbourne area consistently, the Intronics (Aust) team has a strong history of delivering relevant and reliable advice, ensuring that all our customers have the most efficient printing and photocopying options installed and maintained within their business.
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Printer Authorised Service Centre
Who we are

Intronics (Aust) is a certified, registered, and authorised Australian printer and photocopier reseller for some of Australia’s leading and most reliable printer and photocopier brands. We stock Kyocera, OKI, Brother, and HP products, offering Melbourne’s most affordable and competitive pricing. We ensure that our customers always get the best price, the best deal available, and the printer and photocopier that best suits their needs and budget.

With over 35 years in the industry, we also understand the need for reliable equipment. That’s why all our printers and photocopiers are backed with extensive warranties, so you can have peace of mind that you are purchasing or leasing quality and reliable products.

Intronics (Aust) offers not only new product sales but also competitive leasing options, repairs, and ongoing maintenance of our printer and photocopier products.

TASKalfa_2554ci_Comb11_F Printer Sales

Photocopier and Printer Sales 

We bring you a diverse selection of products from leading brands such as Kyocera, OKI, Brother, and HP to cater to your specific requirements. Our team has extensive knowledge of the latest printer and copier technology advancements, ensuring you find the ideal solution for your business needs. Additionally, we provide competitive pricing on our sales, guaranteeing the best value for your investment.

Acknowledging diverse business needs and budgets, we provide flexible leasing and financing options. This allows you to upgrade office equipment smoothly. Our customer service team is here to help with any questions or concerns. We focus on delivering top-notch support to ensure customer satisfaction.

TASKalfa_2554ci_Comb15_F Leasing
Printer and Photocopier Leasing
Not only do we offer new product sales, but we also offer leasing options for your printer and photocopier products, which provide businesses with cost-effective options and competitive pricing.

The highly experienced team at Intronics (Aust) understands that printer and photocopier equipment can be a large expense for businesses. Our leasing options provide a flexible option and ensure that you always have the latest and most up-to-date equipment available.

Leasing a printer or photocopier also provides an opportunity to establish and determine which brands of product types are best suited to your business without the large up-front expense that comes with an outright purchase.

Printer and Photocopier repairs and maintenance

At Intronics (Aust), we firmly believe that printer repairs and maintenance are equally as important as the sales and leasing of our products. Therefore, we have a fully qualified and highly trained team of service technicians who can assist with any repair and maintenance needs.

Our years of experience have taught us that breakdowns of printers and copiers are probably one of the most frustrating aspects of business and can have significant consequences for effective business operations, particularly productivity.

Offering printer servicing in Melbourne, our technicians deliver timely and efficient repairs and maintenance for all leading brands. Whether you need regular ongoing maintenance, mainly to preserve your product’s warranty, or you are experiencing product issues, we have a solution for you.

Brother MFC L5755dw repair
Printer Repairing Service Areas
As a top provider of printer services, including sales, leasing, repairs, and maintenance, we cater to all regions across greater Melbourne. This includes all suburbs, from Broadmeadows to Sunshine and Frankston. By offering such a broad service area, we are able to ensure that all customers in the Melbourne region, regardless of location, have access to the best sales and product advice, in addition to the best service, maintenance and printer repair technician for their equipment.

Our extensive range of services sets us apart from our competitors and establishes us as a top choice for printer repairs in Melbourne.

OKI Cartridges
Consumables – Ink and Toner
In addition to our printer repair and photocopier repair and sales, we also offer sales of all related consumables, such as ink and toner replacements and other relevant consumables, that you may require for your equipment. Ensuring that we really are a one-stop shop for all your printing and photocopying office needs.

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