Copiers need constant maintenance which can be at times expensive when disbursed on time and material basis. When you have a glance at maintenance contract, part of the service contract is ‘preventive maintenance’ which is conducted in order to lessen breakdowns over the period of contract. This also covers, in certain cases all replacement parts needed to get your copier back up and running, labour costs, a good toner and other call out fees are included.

Prior to buying or leasing your copier you will obtain a costing for every print you make so you only have to pay for what you use on a cost per copy basis, so you’ll actually know what you’ll be charged without having to be concerned about a huge bill at the month end.


In addition, there are certain assurances you obtain when taking out a copier service contract such as copy quality assurance. That is if there are any problems with regards to quality of your print a copier technician will be available to help you out.

Most firms make sure their technicians are manufacturer trained before attending any call-outs, hence making sure quick resolutions to issues. Your copier service is also carried out as per the manufacturer’s instructions delivering an extended life to your photocopier, instead of having a dreaded ‘down-time’ with pending work but no way to print it.

Down time is yet another aspect when seeking a copier service contract as the minimum time it takes for a technician to get to the photocopier, the most quickly you get to use the photocopier to print again.

And What About System Software Updates?

Another aspect to keep in mind prior to taking out a service contract would be the system software updates you’re provided which will be carried out free of charge. A copier is similar to a computer, over the tenure of your agreement, which in certain cases would be 5 years, software will certainly need updating so most companies do this so that the equipment stays serviceable, which is good to all involved.

Many copier firms know over a period of time certain parts will need replacing on a photocopier and the whole costs involved. Fitting budget, parts that are not genuine may have an unfavourable impact on daily functioning of the copier.