An excellent, easy-to-use printer is considered an important equipment for all offices. OKI range of printers are one of the best in the industry with leading LED writing technology which has lesser moving parts coupled with quality toner supplies.

With compact and powerful machines, OKI printers and cartridges are perfect to live up to high speed, diverse office printing requirements.  Compact, stylish and vigorous, OKI printers are actually perfect where top-notch quality output, productivity and invincible value are priority. Without comprising with colour accuracy, in conjunction with speed, usage and affordability, OKI delivers colour printers on a broad spectrum with technologies in order to live up to your business requirements.

OKI deliver solution to different industries like education, healthcare, light production, large formatting, office solutions and among others.

As far as office solution is concerned, it includes the following:

With the passage of time, modern work environment or workplace is developing persistently with advances in IT hastening innovation.


  • Paper related processes fly-by-night for multi-site firms but it can be daunting at times to transform them into more effective electronic workflow. Sluggish, manual document processes are a waste of time and in turn increase storage costs.
  • Businesses face print security threats but not all possess the resources, budget and knowledge to adopt them. It’s pretty challenging for industries to capture and steer documents safely all through the network.
  • Trends such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or distant working require businesses to give employees the access and flexibility to safely print from personal company-owned smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • It is often time-consuming to monitor and control print devices. Errors or faults cannot be easily traced or identified and devices may run out of action when consumables are out of stock, wasting time and hindering the budget

How OKI printers can help improve your business

  • OKI printers enhance the efficiency and productivity by switching to paperless workflows through scanning and sending documents to numerous locations at the same enhancing response times with faster collaboration.
  • It enables your mobile workforce to print securely from different office and remote locations
  • Monitor and control devices, track usage and save time with the help of automated consumables management, reporting, fault notifications and service alerts
  • Looks after the security, ensure acquiescence and also shield confidential credentials

OKI printers and cartridges are known for producing premium supplies for small desktop printers to the larger office printers. In order to gain premium performance and high quality prints, fill-up your OKI machine with genuine OKI cartridges.