Printers play a great role in making the lives easier for students and working professionals who have to manage a lot of paperwork and documents every day. Whether it is a school organisation or a corporate building, having a printer on lease streamlines the day to day operations. Regardless of the need for the printer in your daily life, it is imperative to improve your printing habits. This will not only help you in getting more productivity, but it will also save a massive cost on ink, toner, and paper and require low maintenance.

The type of printing is one of the major determining factors in saving money on printing. That is why it is important to opt for a printer rental service in Melbourne instead of purchasing one. With that being said, here are some of the points that you should keep in mind while using the printer:

Carefully Print Internet Pages

When it comes to print online pages from the Internet, some websites contain few images in the form of advertisements. Although the page contains important data that you want to print, these images and advertisements are of high-resolution and they consume a huge quantity of the printer’s ink. Apart from that, these ads also take up a lot of space on the paper, making it extremely difficult to get the data properly on a single piece of paper. Whilst using the internet for printing information, make sure that you do not allow printing full web pages and ensure the savings of your ink and paper.

Try to Print on Both Sides

This is particularly crucial for schools where important notes can be printed on both sides, as they are mostly lengthy and students will find it suitable to have it on both sides. For offices, if you are printing long documents, make sure that you make the most out of the space available and print double-sided. This kind of printing manoeuvre reduces the paper usage. However, paper tends to be the most cost-effective element, when you utilise a printer rental service in Melbourne, it is wise to reduce waste and contribute to nature by using less paper.

Leverage Eco Fonts

There are certain fonts available that comes in handy for saving the ink during printing. All you need to do is switch to this special category of fonts, simplifying both readability of the documents and cutting toner and ink usage.

Opt for Greyscale Over Colour if Possible

Prior to printing a page, check whether highlighting the colour features are necessary or not. If you need aesthetic appeal in the printed documents, you have to use the colour ink. However, if there is a chance to use the greyscale ink, for instance, if you simply need a copy of the school assignment, switch the greyscale form of printing. This is a vital consideration because colour ink tends to be more costly than greyscale. Use the colour ink as less as possible for saving money on toner and colour ink application.

Printers are a great tool in offices and schools, as well as, in other organisation where paperwork and documents shape the day to day operation. Make sure that you find the right printer rental service in Melbourne and save money on printing following the aforementioned tips.